Happy to announce our participation in FRO-2017 to be held on 26th Aug - 27th Aug, 2017 at Nimhans Convention Center, BANGALORE.

Online Admissions

Secured & User friendly interface,
integrated with Online payment,
easily accessible for Parents.

Paperless Regitration

Avoid long queues and implement
hassle-free admission process

Validated data

Correct and validated data fed directly by Parents. Avoid chances of manual errors, Also integrated with online payment

Filter mechanism

Auto filter to avoid under-age and over-age kids. Also location based filter and in built system to handle alumni, staff, sibling categories.

Validated Data

Easy to shortlist

Shortlist and more children through different stages i.e., written test, interview and admitted. Easy to track and avoid manual paper work

Access from anywhere

Management can see real time updates of the Admission status from anywhere.


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